Here’s to many meals shared with family and friends prepared in your ultra-clean kitchen! We perform a comprehensive, routine kitchen cleaning that includes mopping, drip pan cleaning, microwave disinfecting, and more. On a rotating basis, we go even further and do a kitchen deep cleaning where your appliances get extra attention.

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We provide these services every time we’re in your home.

  • Counter tops cleaned
  • Outside of range hood cleaned
  • Top and front of range cleaned
  • Drip pans or glass top surfaces wiped
  • Sinks cleaned and chrome shined
  • Fronts of all appliances cleaned
  • Floors vacuumed and damp mopped
  • Window sills, ledges, and blinds dusted
  • Cobwebs removed
  • Microwave wiped out
  • Doors and door frames spot cleaned
  • General dusting

In addition to the services provided every time, we provide these services on a rotating basis.

  • Inside of range hood cleaned
  • Drip pans or glass top surfaces cleaned
  • Doors and door frames hand wiped
  • Appliances cleaned and shined
  • Knickknack areas cleaned
  • Fronts of cabinets hand wiped
  • Baseboards and window sills hand wiped
  • Floors given extra attention
  • All kitchen furniture hand wiped

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